Customer Marketing & Strategy

No more throwing spaghetti.

You manage your own business. You have a great product, provide amazing customer service and are an expert at what you do. But, you need help. 

Heck, sometimes you feel so overwhelmed that when it comes to marketing, you know that you're basically throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping for something to stick. 

That's great if you're selling pasta, but not so great if you are trying to run a business. 

That's where we come in...ready to support you in both your short term and long term goals so you can get back to focusing on your field of expertise. 

Small shop. Big Ideas.

We have experience in activating winning strategic imperatives for CPG companies, foodservice organizations, non-profits, musicians and small business owners.

Although we are a smallish shop, you will receive "big idea" thinking. We are nimble and don't require layers of bureaucracy to get things done. 

We don't overcomplicate. We simplify.

Your time to shine.

Our objective is three-fold:

  1. Exceed your expectations
  2. Meet deadlines
  3. Help you shine for your customers

The way we get there is through helping you create a cohesive and compelling selling story with integrated marketing and sales strategy. 

  • Solutions designed to get more people through the door...and ordering more
  • Marketing and merchandising strategy
  • Developing your story
  • Building and delivering presentations
  • Copywriting for web, social media, etc.
  • Point of sale, order guides, sell sheets

Our Story

We all have a story to tell.

This story starts when a cardboard box marked, "Corporate Life" was packed, taped and placed into storage. It contained all kinds of company tchotchkes, awards, yearly evaluation forms, team photos taken during annual planning meetings and post-it notes covered in ideas for customers.

With the company's decision to downsize came an opportunity to create a life outside of that box. Twenty years prior, that might have included backpacking through Europe, laying on Australian beaches and hanging around with rock bands.

But, alas...been there, done that.

Soon, photos of chaperoned school activities and family meals made from celebrity chef recipes replaced late night social media check-ins at major airports.

But there is a certain thrill in helping people transform the big ideas swimming around in their minds into tangible products and services.

So, a new story began and JeLa Consulting penned the first chapter. Since then, each new client has added their success stories and it has been quite a page turner.

Now it's time to tell your, let's get started. 

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The most successful business managers know that when you partner with the right people, you can significantly increase your odds for success. 

Jessica Lardinais, Principal

Blakely, Georgia

The home of peanuts, cotton and big ideas!

(419) 509-2759


JeLa Consulting is a family owned business, run with the highest integrity and grounded in Biblical principles. We are known to be ambassadors of big smiles and a positive attitude.     

Favorite Quote

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

Charities We Support

New York City Relief is a mobile outreach to the poor and homeless that empowers volunteers to consistently and compassionately connect people in need with resources that lead to life transformation. 

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.